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The NetSpot

  • Self-service device loan management console
  • Confidentiality of user data
  • Unique locking system
  • Identity verification by RFID or barcode
  • Remote management (content & updates)
  • Devices protected by a case
  • Dashboard - Configuration & reports


  • Manage Android and iPad devices
  • Custom restriction profiles
  • Device security
  • Wide choice of applications


  • Custom image for your organization
  • Remote system update management
  • From 6 laptops per kiosk
  • Up to 22 devices per kiosk!



NetSpot Solutions are currently used in various environments such as: government and military organizations, aviation facilities, medical facilities, training centers, businesses and educational institutions around the world.

Libraries and schools

The NetSpot fills the need to offer users access to laptops and tablets. With our turnkey service without management and liability, libraries are able to offer digital without adding tasks to their staff. Already used in more than 50 libraries and universities.

Hospitals and clinics

It is now possible to entertain patients between their treatments! The user has access to everything they need: games, movies, messaging. The devices are configured to connect to wifi. Tablets can also be handy for efficiently managing patient records by medical staff.

Private companies and public organizations

It is very cost effective to share devices between shifts. A company that supplies every employee with portable devices incurs operating costs ranging from 3 to 8 times the cost of purchasing the laptop annually! The costs of managing portable devices can be reduced by 80%.


Whether your clients are at the hotel for a family vacation, romantic getaway or passing through on a business trip, the NetSpot will be of great use. It is possible to transport it anywhere in the hotel. When finished, simply return the device to the self-service console.

Aircraft maintenance

The NetSpot solution makes it possible to meet Transport Canada standards at all times thanks to remote updates. Technicians always have access to the latest update of technical documents. This automation power dramatically reduces operating costs.

Other Domains

The NetSpot is a product that can serve a variety of business areas. Do you see an opportunity for your organization? It will be our pleasure to discuss it and see how we can tailor the NetSpot to your needs!

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